Singing Flag

Presented by CT

Since its inception in 1989, The Singing Flag has been a major community outreach which takes place on July 2, 3, and 4. Through dance, song, comedy and the spoken word we are able to attract up to 30,000 members of our community and present the gospel. With approximately 600 volunteers from Calvary Temple dedicating countless hours to ensure that The Flag is a success, this all-church outreach is also a time of unification and fellowship.

In general terms, The Flag is a variety show which strives to promote patriotism, honor those who are and have served in the military, and highlights the fact that this nation was founded on godly principles by godly men. With the backdrop of a gigantic American flag filled with the CT choir, reenactments of various military scenes are portrayed, favorite TV shows and movies engage the crowd, and songs of faith and hope bring the event to a climax. A spectacular fireworks display punctuates the evening.
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JULY 2, 3, 4

Dave Brubeck Park, 4201 Concord Bl. Concord

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